When a repair is cancelled or marked as no-fix, it means our team has detected unrecoverable damage. In most cases, this will be a part that has blown out but has also damaged the PCB, burnt traces or power, or broken pads. These components are essential for the proper flow of the signal through the board, so it becomes impossible or extremely expensive, as well as very time-consuming to repair these components. Please note that our team tries repairs in several ways before declaring a board cancelled. If a level 1 repair technician cannot make it work, the board will be transferred to the level 2 repair technician queue. If it fails again after this queue, repairing the board will be cancelled. No-fix hashboards are often discovered when the equipment is received or when the boxes are opened, but it can also be declared after diagnosis that the card will require too much time to recover, or on observation of a need for repair greater than 5 chips included in the package. In any case, a card without repair is not necessarily absolutely irreparable, but in most cases, it will not be profitable for either party to undertake that repair. It's our policy to only charge for what we actually deliver, so cancelled repairs and no-fix are free of charge, you won't have to pay a dime for our labour, diagnostics, etc.