Absolutely! We are confident in the work of our team and we know the low reliability of mining hashboards in general. It is very difficult for a company to offer a warranty on repair work, especially when it comes to mining. D-Central does, however, offer 14-day coverage for hashboard repairs and 30-day coverage for complete machines. The reason the duration differs is that the hashboard is more susceptible to damage during shipping and handling than the full unit. In addition, when you send us a complete unit for repair, it allows us to do a complete Quality Control of each part, in addition to doing a mining test lasting 3 hours, about 9x Bitmain's QC standard, for example. Note that this warranty only applies to equipment that D-Central managed to repair and for which you have been billed. Under no circumstances will this coverage apply to all items received by D-Central, as some of them will unfortunately be “no-fix”.