First of all, let us specify that D-Central does not make you lose money during the repair of your machines. Your machines are broken and not working, so they don't bring in anything. What D-Central does is repair your machines and allow you to make money again with your mining. Our target times are 45 working days for hashboards and 60 working days for full units. It is possible that we are out of this period if your equipment is particularly damaged. We operate on an escalation principle, if a technician is not able to revive the hashboard or machines, the material will be escalated to a higher technician level. Of course, when an escalation occurs, equipment lines up in chronological order for advanced repair. Note that we are also in a context of global semiconductor shortage which can sometimes leave us without the necessary equipment to carry out an advanced repair. It can also lengthen your repair time. If you cannot wait for your repair, you are free to ask us to return your equipment to you at any time. We do not hold any client machines on our premises if the recovery request is made in due form in our support system. D-Central is not responsible for any revenue opportunities that your equipment does not generate during the repair period. Your equipment is not working and that is why it is being repaired with us. No compensation related to processing time will be granted. You accept the deadlines set by D-Central, as well as the delays that complications may cause us.